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This is the personal Web site of Robert Wm. Gomez. I am an artist, musician and nerd living in Chicago, Illinois who has been maintaining this site (in one form or another) since 1996. Enjoy your visit!

September 21, 2000

Today I checked the site on my Mac at work and it looks just as good as it does on my PC. I also tested it on some dinosaur browsers and, although the colors and typefaces were wrong, the content still was readable and logical. The only complaint I have gotten thus far has been from John Burgess, who says my pages take too long to load. I suspect his connection was messed up. Oh well.

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September 20, 2000

My new site has finally launched! This is only the beginning. I hope to add more illustrations and goofiness in the upcoming months, stay tuned! Also, I very proud of the fact that these pages validated (scroll to the bottom) for HTML 4.0 and CSS!! Standards rock!

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September 19, 2000

The new site is pretty much in a presentable state. As time goes by I will add more embellishments, but for now at least there are no broken images. I will spend the the next day or so double checking everything and adding any last minute details.

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September 2000

What's Hot :: Kraftwerk-Computer World • Blonde Redhead-Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons • Shellac-1000 Hurts LP • Beach Boys Pet Sounds

What Blows :: Dave Matthews Band • Barenaked Ladies • Being sick!

What I'm Reading :: Operation Wandering Soul by Richard Powers dense, yet rewarding prose. I keep my dictionary at my side when I'm reading this.

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